Welcome at Euro-Tapis


Euro-Tapis, a family-owned business, proudly boasts over 50 years and 3 generations of expertise in woven, tufted, and printed floor coverings. With deep roots in the Belgian textiles manufacturing industry, we've established ourselves as leaders in the field.


Founded in 1970 as a home weaver, Euro-Tapis has grown into a renowned name in the Belgian textile production industry. Over the years, our operations have evolved significantly. Since 2005, we've relocated the main production lines from Belgium to Turkey and China. This strategic shift empowers us to offer a diverse range of floor covering products to our customers. Our products are exported worldwide, primarily serving retail chain stores and wholesale businesses.


In 2020, we introduced Vercai Rugs, our local warehouse service in Beveren-Leie, Belgium. This warehouse service enables us to effectively cater to multi-platform, online, and B2B customers across Europe. For further details, please visit our brand page.